Thursday, 6 August 2009


I'd sit back and steer the ride,
to some place down vale's
Brace the blowing winds on my face
I'd sit back and enjoy the ride
Ride on and on till I reach ,
the middle of nowhere

And the morning whites fade's
Driving o'er the valley's and hill's
my clothes fluttering with the breeze
Gazed and lost in thoughts
yet steering my ride.

Ne'er felt this gay
all my life
Bliss of my solitude ride
riding by the dusk
Singing lullaby for the sun to sleep
Almighty Lord I'd thank thee,
for this adoring beauty.

I'd sit back and ride
till the moon peeps out of the sky,
and so does the stars
Appearing as though it were
following me around.
Till I saw a pale dull pallor
of a gas lit cottage.
With bated breath I'd go to sleep.
sleep like a fallen tree,
sleep till the morning lights
lights my face.
Off will I go on my ride,
to some place down vale's.