Friday, 15 April 2016

Mystical Rendezvous

South of this lake shall lay a stone;

where this lone poet shall repose.

Neigh woman to stand aside:

neigh hands by mine in this repose.

Day do I remember ;

when our glances met.

Years had I longed to meet this one,

few more and many a more glances.

Praise to the God for the courage;

he had bestowed to walk up to

this enchanting beauty.

to utter the first few words.

Day's , quite a few had past,

yet we felt we knew ;

each other for many a centuries.

T 'ese was the best Day's of my life.

I , stroked her silky hair;

my rough palms caressing,

upon her moist brow's.

Her red blossom lips;
locked to mine , forever I wished,

Crimson cheeks with little dimples.

Her soft Breast; laden a hand full.

Her slender waist;

for which many would die for;

Her rounded heels and curves,

Lost was I in her beauty.

Ne'er have I seen Eyes;

so bright yet with calm;

which speaks less but conveys a Lott.

Woman of grace she was,

And loved her I, a heart-full.

The moon shining bright;

in the vales at night.

she lurked me to her nest.

She was a lonely bird ,

until she found me.

Her Eye's giving love forever.

Her breast's were my B o'er.

Her warmth and love;

I shall ne' er forget.

For  our hearts wished;

this bliss to last a life long.

There is ne' er a woman,

I'd wanna love such heart-full.

Long do I to hear ,

my lover's voice,

 in these meadows.

where a flickering light of a lonesome candle remains.

The breeze whispering to these reeds, 

by this lake; echoing just one name;

her name;  it is