Friday, 20 April 2012


A pair of wandering eyes,
down the isle.
met my my eyes glare.
A million word's were exchanged in a glance,
yet.. again and again....
We knew this luminaue would,
cont-rue the snare ,
which we would rue to have ripped.
Yet , we walked the glare of the,
lowly path our eyes paved.

A million words would not express,
the bounteous joy we felt.

We knew that grief followed.
Yet , let it,
the fallen leaf at the dawn of,
our eye's glare.

I held her hands and walked the,
woods with her dear pets.
We walked up to that very,
small mountain hills,
following our eye's glare.
We watched the wandering star's,
and the silver flur of the moon's glare.
There I kissed my love,
and she stole my breath.
;Tears rolled down that very eye's
and dropped deep into my hearts streams.
Her voice fading through thin air,
echoed pains down stream.

I shall wander those hilly low's,
and fragrant blossom valley's.
for I shall find her ,
some day in eternity.
;For tear's dropped on the bank's
may have dried but tears dropped,
into my heart's streams endure's,
to form fountains down stream.
Neigh boulders nor dam's shall
stop this very flow,
Till I sigh my last breath.