Thursday, 25 December 2008


oh! my love long have,
our hearts longed to be one.
what fate is our's
ye, love flowers.

known have I your soul's bloom,
long have I tried to unviel your heart's mysteries.

oh! my love your rage can
reach a mugfull but never can it spill,
coz of the fullfilled mug of love,
that you have drunk heartfull.

oh yes! shes gone, My love
But long shall I keep that
Rose you placed in my heart.
Never shall any human lay
hands on it or dare pluck it.
oh! tearful desolate rose,
my heart's frost.

Sound of broken heart echoes,
like lone bird's we sat in my love
dreamy may's have we
been in my love, have we?

A mother's plea shall I see,
A father's concerns shood i look,
A sisters grief or world's envy,
or is it your helplessness my love,
that left me in despair.
Is this solitude that
great poet's write
as lover's plight.

Oh! my love shall we bid,
farewell to our soul's prayer,
lock our horns of love and
sink in the deepest ocean's.
For this too, must sink.
Is this what great poet's write
a lover's plight.

know not where you are my love,
But this disconsolate heart,
holds only one hope.

An incomplete poem by... kohil.v .kadakampally

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Here we stand,
united in anguish
fedup of continuing terrorism.
long have we walked ,
that dangerous path.
yet we continue to
walk the enchanted way.
At this gate we stand,
where many ghosts walk
Change is what we want.
Wake up Ye nation.
Woes shall we take
eloquently new.
United shall we stand
under this very gate.
Here shall it start.
At this very gateway of anguish
Change will we see
to make this
Gateway of love.
United we stand
under this very gate
enwrought with light in our hands.
together shall we dream
for a better bharat.
jaihind...kohil kadakampally

my view on kerala cm's visit and apology to major sandeep's family

kerala is state that is reportedly to have attained hundred percent literacy in 1989. Its a shame that even in a 2008, it has a chief minister that cannot even speak one complete sentence without making mistake in english. To have so many years of experience behind him , yet failing to behave as a resposible citizen is a shame.To have gone to banglore , despite sndeeps parents not wanting him to was for petty political fame. However kerala chief minister has given a statement apologising. Apology is something that should be heart felt and sincere, it is not something to be read out from a bit of paper.


I wish my eyes were,
as bright as the sun and,
it would light up each day.
I wish my eyes would make everyone
cherish wondeful moments in life,
happy and gay are those who
look into my eyes.
My eyes fill with tears
as i think of the less fortunate ones,
those blind people not blessed
enough to see god 's creation.
how i wish,
my eye's would be the light of their lives.


it struck me hard and wild,
it left me thinking all day long.
I was completly lost in thoughts,
it was the cauze of all troubles.
It was illusional and hysterical,
yes it was lonliness.
I hAd no way out, to get out.
there were days when I'd
loved to have been left alone.
neither the winds , nor the rains
could calm me down.
finally it made me think
think of those orphans.
those kids thrown away by parents.
how much they would,
have loved to have someone.


you'd never wanna know why,
that's something that confuses us most,
why is something that remains,
now why woud I wanna know


it was nearing dawn,
the sunlight was fading.
I was lost in thoughts,
gazing at that kid.
I wish I was that kid,
standing on the rails of
the gate of my house,
singing rhymes and shouting out loud,
not knowing what he was singing.
watching the wind that flew past me,
wondering what to do.
I wish I was that kid that ,
that climbed up the,
same rails , hoping that
I'd conquer the heights,
but not knowing what to do next,
I wish I was that kid
with all loved ones around me,
asking me to do,
what I'd love to do
the most.
It was childhood,
and I had lost it.


life is a big sail,
on a life size ship,
we hop in to set sail,
we may want to steer it,
west, but it is not
alone the steering that
strides the ship.
winds may toss it
toss it north or northwest,
but we still sail, sail
along and along,
not knowing what to do,
hoping that the winds,
and the waves may
favour us some day.
praying that the Lord,
may bless our plans.
it's my big sail
with just hope
in store.

Saturday, 29 November 2008


tears falling like rain,
may never drain,
years will it take.
to sooth this pain
hope will i keep,
to meet her again
some day in eternity,
her name is rain,
and she
flew awaymy pains.

my walk

do what you can,
while u can,so have i learned,
while walking the lowly path of my life
bliss have i felt to have walked that lowly path,
profuse delight have i found in my bounteous walks