Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Here we stand,
united in anguish
fedup of continuing terrorism.
long have we walked ,
that dangerous path.
yet we continue to
walk the enchanted way.
At this gate we stand,
where many ghosts walk
Change is what we want.
Wake up Ye nation.
Woes shall we take
eloquently new.
United shall we stand
under this very gate.
Here shall it start.
At this very gateway of anguish
Change will we see
to make this
Gateway of love.
United we stand
under this very gate
enwrought with light in our hands.
together shall we dream
for a better bharat.
jaihind...kohil kadakampally


OverclockedSapien said...

Wonderful work, more over i am shell shocked. I knew this guy for so long and never knew such a talent was lurking beneath! You r discovering yourself with great vigour and passion. Continue to do so, follow your heart...and what happend inside it...let it manifest in your beautiful words.
On a critical note, i would say you could improve with the rhyming a little better....but this is just your start and its way too good for a start!

Enigma said...

few things here and there and u will be very good at this,...keep workin at it

Parvathy said...

Kohil and poem..tuk me sum time to digest but after reading it gota tell , its quite an appreciable work...good work dude..but it was a lil 2 short,by d time d feeling o patriotism arose u completed ..probably 2 more powerful lines towards the end wud have been d way i aint a gud person to suggest..hehe8-)

kohil kadakampally said...

I had written this poem after the Mumbai terror attacks, the next day when people were to gather at gateway. thankyou all for the comments.