Friday, 17 August 2012

O' woman, O' woman my mother you are

O' woman ,O' woman ,
How , have I failed to understand your love.
You smiled , when I first cried,
I can never imagine the joy you felt.
Yet you feared when I first cried from my cradle.
Your eyes filled with tears when you had to,
leave me to go for work.
Yet again you embraced me,
the same as you embraced me first
from my cradle, while you saw me at seven.

Oh! I failed to know you my dear, Mother
Yes my sweetest mother.
I failed to know your love for me.
cradle to grave neigh soul shall
want me to be the best , but you.
O' woman , O' woman
My Mother you are.

You watched me grow up,
cherishing every bit that you hold fond.
But I never cared to see,
O' woman , O' woman,
I failed to understand your love.

I have hurt you many at times,
First , when you tore open your womb,
to bring me to this world, yet again
when you first fed me, and many again.
yet you wishfully forgave my sins,
and smiled at me like the brightest angel.

We have been distance apart,
but memories, O' memories
with no boundaries ,
shall bind us.
A mother's love is a mother's love.

Your laughter echoes in my heart,
your smile is the sweetest smile,
your eyes were the brightest around,
Yet, I failed to see.
O' woman , O' woman ,
my mother you are,
the greatest ever.