Friday, 15 April 2016

Mystical Rendezvous

South of this lake shall lay a stone;

where this lone poet shall repose.

Neigh woman to stand aside:

neigh hands by mine in this repose.

Day do I remember ;

when our glances met.

Years had I longed to meet this one,

few more and many a more glances.

Praise to the God for the courage;

he had bestowed to walk up to

this enchanting beauty.

to utter the first few words.

Day's , quite a few had past,

yet we felt we knew ;

each other for many a centuries.

T 'ese was the best Day's of my life.

I , stroked her silky hair;

my rough palms caressing,

upon her moist brow's.

Her red blossom lips;
locked to mine , forever I wished,

Crimson cheeks with little dimples.

Her soft Breast; laden a hand full.

Her slender waist;

for which many would die for;

Her rounded heels and curves,

Lost was I in her beauty.

Ne'er have I seen Eyes;

so bright yet with calm;

which speaks less but conveys a Lott.

Woman of grace she was,

And loved her I, a heart-full.

The moon shining bright;

in the vales at night.

she lurked me to her nest.

She was a lonely bird ,

until she found me.

Her Eye's giving love forever.

Her breast's were my B o'er.

Her warmth and love;

I shall ne' er forget.

For  our hearts wished;

this bliss to last a life long.

There is ne' er a woman,

I'd wanna love such heart-full.

Long do I to hear ,

my lover's voice,

 in these meadows.

where a flickering light of a lonesome candle remains.

The breeze whispering to these reeds, 

by this lake; echoing just one name;

her name;  it is

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Brier's! far too many have I placed,
in a woman's soul,
yet her coquetry,
healed the scars far too many on mine.

If only I could answer,
questions far too many,
undo the wrongs,
far too many
and bid farewell to her abide.

I wish, dared had she not,
strayed this far in my footsteps.
gazing back at these profound footsteps,
gaze back yet again, dwelling aloof,
I shun and I sigh.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Philistine ; what fate is your's ?

Born have I to this holy land,
the holiest of land on this earth.
so they say it is;
Neigh have I seen any holiness till dawn.
Born have I to this Terra fir ma,
forced have I been to live in misery,
forced have I to embrace death each dawn.
philistine they call this terrain.
Each day I wake to death's cry,
smashing bombs have become melody to my ear's.
Each day I go to bed singing lullaby to my misery's;
Only to burden my soul to a half lie.
for I live in this perfect epitome of miseries.
Each day I see hearts that bleed,
of fathers who lost their sons to this bloody war,
of mothers who watched their kids swoon before them,
of children orphaned each day.
I look around , only to find mass graves.
A wretched nation do I see,
Alas! famished souls do I see.
Philistine what fate is yours.
neigh streets have been safe,
neigh dreamer endures to dream.
for freedom seems to be a distant dream.
Gallant warriors long have fallen by,
for many a nation mock at these patriot's fate.
Tired have I become ,
to live amidst these debauched soul's.
Ashamed am I , to see ye powerful nations;
unveiling thy nefarious sleights.
Misery is all I see,
hope have I lost to even hope.
for each day we play pawns ,
to the wiles of our neighbors.
Each drop of blood spilled on this soil,
have no tale to tell but one,
A tale of pain, misery and unending torture.
Peace do I long for;
freedom do I dream for:
Love do I thirst for.
Plead to thy ye nation's.
Plead to thee ye humanity.
who shall be our savior,
who shall quench this grief.

Friday, 17 August 2012

O' woman, O' woman my mother you are

O' woman ,O' woman ,
How , have I failed to understand your love.
You smiled , when I first cried,
I can never imagine the joy you felt.
Yet you feared when I first cried from my cradle.
Your eyes filled with tears when you had to,
leave me to go for work.
Yet again you embraced me,
the same as you embraced me first
from my cradle, while you saw me at seven.

Oh! I failed to know you my dear, Mother
Yes my sweetest mother.
I failed to know your love for me.
cradle to grave neigh soul shall
want me to be the best , but you.
O' woman , O' woman
My Mother you are.

You watched me grow up,
cherishing every bit that you hold fond.
But I never cared to see,
O' woman , O' woman,
I failed to understand your love.

I have hurt you many at times,
First , when you tore open your womb,
to bring me to this world, yet again
when you first fed me, and many again.
yet you wishfully forgave my sins,
and smiled at me like the brightest angel.

We have been distance apart,
but memories, O' memories
with no boundaries ,
shall bind us.
A mother's love is a mother's love.

Your laughter echoes in my heart,
your smile is the sweetest smile,
your eyes were the brightest around,
Yet, I failed to see.
O' woman , O' woman ,
my mother you are,
the greatest ever.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Grief's pilgrim's

As I sail past this sea of loneliness,
For few epoch's back you were by my side,
As I embraced you and passions rode high.
I looked into your eyes and saw,
Your eyes filled with love for me.

And in your tuneful whispers,
You sang to my ears,
How much you love me.

I have skipped a beat since,
For you have left me in these,
Darkest of dark valley’s.
For you took off with a part of me.
I feel so incomplete
For I have been taken away from.
The golden glow of your eyes
and the blossoms of your smiles.

Why have you left me by?
In these solitude dwellings,
stealing very soul from me.
Your soft breaths fading away.

Forgo me not my love,
for, I long to be by your side.
For, I long for those charms.
Where I'd have a heartfelt smile.
For your soft breaths are like,
calm restoring breeze that,
 soothes my souls sores.

For those guiltless moments, I crave
to be by your side my love.
your lips bear sweetest nectar for this lurching bee,
your voice as sweet as the humming of birds,
your whispers are like the ,
chirping of birds in those vale’s.
my hearts overwhelmed ,
o'er your warm cuddles.

I can see the calmness in you,
waft oe'r the strongest storms,
though anxiety lures along,
your calmness shows me,
the valour to face any storms at calm.

The dreams we dreamed,
visions we envisaged,
the jounrneys planned and not travelled
though short would realm sweetest,
memoirs of our times together.

Its griefs pilgrims we are,
griefs pilgrims , we ought to be,
This stir and these strife's ought,
to be morsels of our visions.

visions we'd envisage, far newer ones.
but I shall always return to these shrines,
these shrines we built, and
so wishfully dwelt.

Your love, I shall take,
to my very grave.

In it I shall lay the visions and dreams,
That I hold with dear fondness.
Grief’s pilgrims we are,
Grief’s pilgrims we ought to.

Friday, 20 April 2012


A pair of wandering eyes,
down the isle.
met my my eyes glare.
A million word's were exchanged in a glance,
yet.. again and again....
We knew this luminaue would,
cont-rue the snare ,
which we would rue to have ripped.
Yet , we walked the glare of the,
lowly path our eyes paved.

A million words would not express,
the bounteous joy we felt.

We knew that grief followed.
Yet , let it,
the fallen leaf at the dawn of,
our eye's glare.

I held her hands and walked the,
woods with her dear pets.
We walked up to that very,
small mountain hills,
following our eye's glare.
We watched the wandering star's,
and the silver flur of the moon's glare.
There I kissed my love,
and she stole my breath.
;Tears rolled down that very eye's
and dropped deep into my hearts streams.
Her voice fading through thin air,
echoed pains down stream.

I shall wander those hilly low's,
and fragrant blossom valley's.
for I shall find her ,
some day in eternity.
;For tear's dropped on the bank's
may have dried but tears dropped,
into my heart's streams endure's,
to form fountains down stream.
Neigh boulders nor dam's shall
stop this very flow,
Till I sigh my last breath.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

mother earth's blessings through my grandmothers palms

Worn out leaves laden on fresh earth,
filled with moist and silver bliss,
brings the scent of mother earth.

As I walk holding the hands of my grand mother,
so lost in the excitement of child hood blues,
Chirping birds bring melody to my ears.

As we walked past the rivers,
laden with lotus flowers,
flowing along without heading to us.
Far ahead I can see the golden rays,
kissing the covers of mango trees,
full of leaves and fruits.

The lakes and rivers we crossed,
showered their blessing's on us.
The black wooden boats,
leaden with silver sands,
paddling along the coasts,
waving to us.

I could see the golden rays shining upon us,
kissing my grand mother and warming her heart.
so much so that the glow around her made me warm.

I walked along holding my grandmothers hands.
I could see small, sweet flowers,
spring up to wish us morning bliss.
shedding their sweetness upon us.

I was awry and tired,
I looked up to see my grand mother,
still shining yet panting.
we finally sat down to rest,
on the banks under the shades,
with the earth soft under us,
allowing us to relax.

This place has been blessed by heavens,
with mirth's , melodies, moist and greenery.

I could see the warm bliss of air,
greeting my grandmother.
so much to sooth her soul.
I was still holding onto my grandmothers hands.

So much of care,
So much of love,
So much of bliss.
God has blessed me with mother earth,
sending their warmth,
through my grandmothers palm's.
Alas, all my heart's desires has come to pass.