Sunday, 18 December 2011

mother earth's blessings through my grandmothers palms

Worn out leaves laden on fresh earth,
filled with moist and silver bliss,
brings the scent of mother earth.

As I walk holding the hands of my grand mother,
so lost in the excitement of child hood blues,
Chirping birds bring melody to my ears.

As we walked past the rivers,
laden with lotus flowers,
flowing along without heading to us.
Far ahead I can see the golden rays,
kissing the covers of mango trees,
full of leaves and fruits.

The lakes and rivers we crossed,
showered their blessing's on us.
The black wooden boats,
leaden with silver sands,
paddling along the coasts,
waving to us.

I could see the golden rays shining upon us,
kissing my grand mother and warming her heart.
so much so that the glow around her made me warm.

I walked along holding my grandmothers hands.
I could see small, sweet flowers,
spring up to wish us morning bliss.
shedding their sweetness upon us.

I was awry and tired,
I looked up to see my grand mother,
still shining yet panting.
we finally sat down to rest,
on the banks under the shades,
with the earth soft under us,
allowing us to relax.

This place has been blessed by heavens,
with mirth's , melodies, moist and greenery.

I could see the warm bliss of air,
greeting my grandmother.
so much to sooth her soul.
I was still holding onto my grandmothers hands.

So much of care,
So much of love,
So much of bliss.
God has blessed me with mother earth,
sending their warmth,
through my grandmothers palm's.
Alas, all my heart's desires has come to pass.

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solleymata said...

Full of memory and emotions...lovely. And nostalgic longing. Childhood revisited.