Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Grief's pilgrim's

As I sail past this sea of loneliness,
For few epoch's back you were by my side,
As I embraced you and passions rode high.
I looked into your eyes and saw,
Your eyes filled with love for me.

And in your tuneful whispers,
You sang to my ears,
How much you love me.

I have skipped a beat since,
For you have left me in these,
Darkest of dark valley’s.
For you took off with a part of me.
I feel so incomplete
For I have been taken away from.
The golden glow of your eyes
and the blossoms of your smiles.

Why have you left me by?
In these solitude dwellings,
stealing very soul from me.
Your soft breaths fading away.

Forgo me not my love,
for, I long to be by your side.
For, I long for those charms.
Where I'd have a heartfelt smile.
For your soft breaths are like,
calm restoring breeze that,
 soothes my souls sores.

For those guiltless moments, I crave
to be by your side my love.
your lips bear sweetest nectar for this lurching bee,
your voice as sweet as the humming of birds,
your whispers are like the ,
chirping of birds in those vale’s.
my hearts overwhelmed ,
o'er your warm cuddles.

I can see the calmness in you,
waft oe'r the strongest storms,
though anxiety lures along,
your calmness shows me,
the valour to face any storms at calm.

The dreams we dreamed,
visions we envisaged,
the jounrneys planned and not travelled
though short would realm sweetest,
memoirs of our times together.

Its griefs pilgrims we are,
griefs pilgrims , we ought to be,
This stir and these strife's ought,
to be morsels of our visions.

visions we'd envisage, far newer ones.
but I shall always return to these shrines,
these shrines we built, and
so wishfully dwelt.

Your love, I shall take,
to my very grave.

In it I shall lay the visions and dreams,
That I hold with dear fondness.
Grief’s pilgrims we are,
Grief’s pilgrims we ought to.

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