Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Brier's! far too many have I placed,
in a woman's soul,
yet her coquetry,
healed the scars far too many on mine.

If only I could answer,
questions far too many,
undo the wrongs,
far too many
and bid farewell to her abide.

I wish, dared had she not,
strayed this far in my footsteps.
gazing back at these profound footsteps,
gaze back yet again, dwelling aloof,
I shun and I sigh.


Christine Thomas said...

My name is christine and was your neighbor at suryakanthi ...years back...n our mothers were friends... my mom's name is mercy and she is been wanting to get in touch with pressena aunty.... my email id is
it would be nice if you could send me her contact number.

Esther Simick said...

Hey! How have you been doing? And where are you?